Website Maintenance Contract
Having a Web site is just the beginning. We, as Easy Branches Co., Ltd. are here ensure your website provide up-todates information and hassle free to attract more clients for your business. Your company’s reputation will be remain positive online.
The web site maintenance is to make sure that you are getting the highest return on website investment.
Even if we did not design and build your website, we can manage, improve and maintain your website or websites efficiently by introducing to you Our special web maintenance contract as detail below:

The Contract Includes:

1. Response to all email enquiries within 1 hour (9am-5pm Mon-Sat)
2. Free updates of text/images content : Up to 5 hours per month
3. Product updates and additions
4. File Management : Add or deletion of PDFs and ALL other documents
5. Changes in Contact Form (Addition or deletion of form fields)
6. Check the site Navigation structure and sitemap
7. Add or Deletions for Graphics and Charts (using existing page designs)
8. User and permission management
9. Test and fix for functionality issues
10. Site Link Check : Fix for any broken link issue
11. Site Database integrity check
12. 24/7 site monitoring – your website will be constantly monitored by our professional team to ensure that it is live

The Contract Excludes:

1. Additional a new pages on your website. Normal rate is 1500 Baht/ page (For normal design)
2. New Flash Logo / Graphics Design
3. Complete Layout Changes (Total Website Redesign)
4. Add on new site functionality: Shopping carts ; Admin Systems ; Blog; Translation etc.
5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service

** All graphics and contents must be supplied by client.
For more information, please contact